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Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

Based on Jose Escobar Saliente's celebrated comic book series Zipi Y Zape, director Oskar Santos' rollicking fantasy charts the exploits of twin brothers, as they uncover a shocking secret during their time at summer school. Mischievous siblings Zip (Paul Rivas) and Zap (Daniel Cerezo) are sent away to boarding school for the holidays as punishment for their bad behaviour. They are placed in the care of headmaster Falconetti (Javier Gutierrez) and his sidekick Heidi (Christian Mulas), who make the brothers' lives a misery. So Zip and Zap form The Marble Gang with classmates Filo (Fran Garcia), Micro (Marcos Ruiz) and Piojo (Anibal Tartalo). Their mission is simple: to cause maximum mayhem. In the process of carrying out their underhand schemes, Zip and Zap discover a map that points to hidden treasure within the school grounds.