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The Eyes of My Mother

A lonely girl wreaks bloodthirsty revenge in writer-director Nicolas Pesce's gruesome horror shot in lustrous black and white. Francisca (Olivia Bond) lives in a remote house in the country with her American father (Paul Nazak) and Portuguese mother (Diana Agostini). The girl has no friends and is left to her own devices, living inside her head as her loneliness takes a terrible toll. One day when her father is out, a travelling salesman called Charlie (Will Brill) knocks at the front door and politely asks to use the bathroom. Once he gains access to the house, Charlie murders the mother. Little Francisca gets the last laugh because she immobilises Charlie and chains him up in the family barn as her terrified plaything. Years later, Francisca (now played Kika Magalhaes) has been orphaned, but she still has Charlie at her mercy and the captive searches for an escape route from his emotionally damaged host, who is beginning to explore her serial killing tendencies.