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Wolves at the Door

Inspired by the infamous Manson family murder spree, Wolves At The Door is a home invasion thriller, directed by John R Leonetti, set in 1969, the so-called summer of love. Sharon (Katie Cassidy) is preparing to say farewell to her best friend Abigail (Elizabeth Henstridge), who is moving out of town. Heavily pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her first child with her beau Wojciech (Adam Campbell), Sharon invites Abigail and her partner Jay (Miles Fisher) over to her home for a low-key leaving dinner. As night falls, the two couples are blissfully unaware of a gang of murderous intruders in the darkness. These deranged cohorts break into the house, armed with a sledgehammer and blades, and terrorise Sharon and her guests with sadistic glee.