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The Olive Tree (El Olivo)

Alba (Anna Castillo) and her family used to produce olive oil, but, in harsh economic times, they are forced to abandon years of tradition and embrace poultry farming instead. The clan's favourite olive tree, dating back hundreds of years, is uprooted from its home in Castellon and sold to a German energy company, which wants the tree as its official logo. The destruction of the olive oil business decimates Alba's close-knit community and her proud grandfather Ramon (Manuel Cucala) wanders aimlessly around town, visiting the site of the old olive tree where he placed stones as a memorial. Alba's father Luis (Miguel Angel Aladren) seems powerless to reunited the fractured clan so Alba takes matters into her own hands by promising to track down the old olive tree and restore it to its original location. Aided by her uncle and one of the locals, Rafa (Pep Ambros), who has a crush on Alba, the strong-willed young woman orchestrates a madcap quest to take back the tree in the hope that its return will bring her grandfather back to life.