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Seoul Station

Yeon Sang-ho directs this animated zombie horror, which chronicles the shocking events that set in motion the wanton bloodshed of the 2016 live action Korean film Train To Busan. Suk-gyu (voiced by Ryu Seung-ryong) is searching for his runaway daughter Hye-sun (Shim Eun-kyung), who has escaped her previous life as a prostitute and is living in squalor with her boyfriend, Ki-woong (voiced by Lee Joon). He intends to make money by pimping Hye-sun to the highest bidder. At the very moment Suk-gyu is poised to be reunited with his daughter, a homeless man attacks a passerby at Seoul Station, sparking a zombie apocalypse that transforms dozens and then hundreds of people into flesh-crazed predators. The government declares a state of emergency and tries in vain to contain the situation. Hye-sun, Suk-gyu and Ki-woong cross paths in the midst of this bloodbath and must flee for their lives to avoid becoming one of the infected. There will be double bills of both films at selected cinemas so audiences can witness the storyline in chronological order.