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Vishal Bharadwaj directs and co-writes this passionate love story set during the devastation of the Second World War. Beautiful film actress Miss Julia (Kangana Ranaut) descends on jungles on the border of India and Burma in order to entertain the British and Indian army troops. She immediately catches the eye of one handsome soldier, Havildar Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor), but Julia is resistant to his bountiful charms. Living in close proximity to her ardent suitor, Julia's determination gradually softens and she entertains his amorous overtures. However, Julia already has a rich and powerful lover, Rustom Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan), who is fiercely possessive of his woman. He wreaks revenge on Julia for her betrayal just as she learns the truth about Indian independence and Nawab's role in maintaining the fragile peace.