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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Two-time Oscar-winning director Ang Lee experiments with a new frame rate - 120 frames per second in 3D - for this wartime drama, seen through the eyes of a 19-year-old Army specialist from Texas, who becomes a hero to his entire country. During a tour of duty in Iraq, Bravo Company led by Sergeant David Dime (Garrett Hedlund) becomes embroiled in a gun fight with the enemy. Billy Lynn (Joe Alwyn) is caught on camera dragging his colleague Sergeant Virgil Breem (Vin Diesel) to safety and the footage goes viral. Back home in America, Billy and fellow members of Bravo Company are feted as heroes and they return home briefly for a carefully orchestrated nationwide victory tour. The campaign culminates with an appearance alongside Destiny's Child during the halftime show at a Dallas Cowboys football game. While the team's beleaguered PR, Josh (Ben Platt), tries to keep the event on track and meet the expectations of the team's owner, Norm Oglesby (Steve Martin), Billy receives messages from his older sister Kathryn (Kristen Stewart), who believes she can get him honourably discharged so he doesn't have to return to the battlefield. As the pyrotechnic-laden halftime show approaches, Billy contemplates his sister's covert plan and welcomes flirtatious glances from one of the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders, Faison (Makenzie Leigh).