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Toni Erdmann

Writer-director Maren Ade's epic and deranged comedy is the red hot favourite to win Best Foreign Language Film at this year's Academy Awards after it swept the board at the European Film Awards, collecting the top five prizes. Divorced music teacher Winfried Conradi (Peter Simonischek) is well known in his local community for donning disguises. He often hides behind fake personas to pull off elaborate pranks, but his playful spirit is momentarily dimmed by the loss of a beloved dog. The bereavement compels Winfried to seek out his estranged daughter Ines (Sandra Huller), who is involved in the oil industry in Bucharest. The father travels to the Romanian capital where he dons a set of ludicrous fake teeth in order to approach Ines incognito. She fails to recognise him, but father and daughter eventually meet and Winfried agrees to accompany Ines to an important work meeting, where she must impress a German CEO called Mr Henneberg (Michael Wittenborn). While Ines fails to impress her client, oddball Winfried somehow strikes up a connection to Mr Henneberg.