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Earlier this year, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain dazzled with his biopic Jackie, an unconventional portrait of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, which garnered three Oscar nominations including a nod for Natalie Portman as Best Actress In A Leading Role. Larrain fashioned this stylish portrait of exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda at the same time as Jackie, anchored by strong performances from Luis Gnecco as the poet and Gael Garcia Bernal as the tenacious chief of police, who pursues the wordsmith in exile. Senator Neruda (Gnecco) vociferously opposes President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla (Alfredo Castro) and delivers an impassioned speech against anti-Communist repression at the 1948 National Congress. This public act of defiance leads to an arrest warrant, but Neruda refuses to go into hiding. Instead, he makes a series of unpublicised appearances to continue his opposition, always staying one step ahead of wily police chief Oscar Peluchonneau (Bernal).