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Irreplaceable (Médecin de campagne)

Jean-Pierre Werner (Francois Cluzet) is a hard-working country doctor, who is at the beating heart of community life, providing scraps of comfort as he travels long distances to see all of his patients. Years of stress take their toll and Jean-Pierre is diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease that requires him to take a step back from his practise. Instead, Jean-Pierre throws himself into his work, hoping that a familiar day-to-day routine will distract him from the seriousness of his condition. He is far from pleased when junior doctor Nathalie Delezia (Marianne Denicourt) arrives unannounced to replace him. Through gritted teeth, Jean-Pierre begins to train the inexperienced newcomer while contending with family pressures including a strained relationship with his son (Felix Moati). Despite his best efforts to put on a brave face, Jean-Pierre cannot ignore his prognosis forever and he must put himself in the same position as his patients by following strict medical advice.