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Endless Poetry

Celebrated filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky continues his autobiographical journey from The Dance Of Reality with this dramatic reimagining of his young adulthood between 1940 and 1950 in Santiago de Chile. Twenty-year-old aspiring poet Alejandrito Jodorowsky (Adan Jodorowsky) is determined to follow his creative dream like his idol, Federico Garcia Lorca, against the will of his disciplinarian, bullying father (Brontis Jodorowsky). Alejandrito flies the family nest and gains admission to the inner circle of Chile's artistic and intellectual elite, where he befriends some of Latin America's literary darlings including Stella Diaz (Pamela Flores), Enrique Lihn (Leandro Taub) and Nicanor Parra (Felipe Rios), who orbit Cafe Iris. Immersed in this world of experimentation and free self-expression, Alejandrito finds his voice in world of unadulterated sensuality and creative freedom.