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Through The Wall (Laavor et hakir)

Love finds a way in Rama Burshtein's romantic comedy of self-belief and missed opportunities. Michal (Noa Koller) is a strong-headed and independent ultra-Orthodox Jew, who yearns to be married for the security, companionship and social acceptance that the ring on her finger will bring. She seeks assurance from local soothsayer Hulda (Odelia Moreh-Matalon), who confirms that Michal will be married, so long as she continues to believe that the happy day will come. In time, Michal meets and falls in love with Gidi (Erez Drigues), and they book their wedding reception with the help of Hulda's son Shimi (Amos Tamam), who owns a hall. Out of the blue, Gidi confides that he doesn't love Michal and can't marry her. Rather than give up on her dream, the plucky singleton keeps the booking for the catering hall, convinced that God will send her a husband within the next three weeks so she can still be granted her fairytale happy ever after.