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The Son Of Joseph (Le fils de Joseph)

Writer-director Eugene Green draws on the familiar story of the Nativity for this offbeat French farce about a teenager searching for his biological father. Morose schoolboy Vincent (Victor Ezenfis) is frustrated that his single mother Marie (Natacha Regnier) won't disclose the name of his father and he must grow up without a positive male role model. So the young man resolves to turn detective and his covert investigation reveals that his biological parent is a bed-hopping publisher called Oscar (Mathieu Amalric), who has fathered three children with different women, but can't muster the energy to remember any of their names or ages. In an effort to forge emotional ties to Oscar, Vincent secretly observes his old man from afar. In the process, the teenager is introduced to Oscar's estranged brother, Joseph (Fabrizio Rongione), and he is also mistaken for a brilliant young author by a book critic (Maria de Medeiros), who shepherds him through the pretentious Parisian literary scene.