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I Am Not a Serial Killer

John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is a socially awkward teenager who has been raised in a funeral parlour by his mother April (Laura Fraser) and is ill at ease in his own skin. He obsesses about Jeffrey Dahmer and other killers, and lays bare the darkness in his soul in regular conversations with his therapist Dr Neblin (Karl Geary), who appears unconcerned when John Wayne confesses that he fears he might hurt someone in his small town. Clinically diagnosed as a sociopath, John struggles to fit in at school where he has little in common with his nominal best friend Max (Raymond Branstrom) and fails to respond to romantic overtures from his overtly flirtatious classmate, Brooke (Lucy Lawton). The only person in the community that interests John Wayne is doddering neighbour Crowley (Christopher Lloyd) and the teenager becomes convinced that the old man is the serial killer who has been terrifying the town.