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Molly Moon And The Incredible Book Of Hypnotism

Based on the novel by Georgia Byng, Molly Moon And The Incredible Book Of Hypnotism is a fantastical adventure directed by Christopher N Rowley, about a young girl who exploits her new-found powers of persuasion. Molly Moon (Raffey Cassidy) grows up in an orphanage run by the formidable Miss Adderstone (Lesley Manville), who doesn't care about her young charges and forces the children to eat disgusting fish soup. Thankfully, Molly has a loyal best friend, Rocky (Jadon Carnelly-Morris), and she can escape from the horrors of real life by immersing herself in a book from the local library. One of these tomes, Hypnotism: An Ancient Art Explained, allows Molly to unlock the ability to manipulate people around her. Unfortunately, she is powerless to prevent Rocky from being adopted shortly before Christmas, so Molly leaves the orphanage with her pet pug Petula and heads into the city to reunite with her best friend. En route, she uses hypnotism to usurp stage star brat Davina (Tallulah Evans) in a musical and outwit a wily thief called Nockman (Dominic Monaghan).