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United States Of Love

The desires of four women, who live in neighbouring apartment blocks, collide in director Tomasz Wasilewski's emotionally chilly ensemble drama set in early 1990s eastern Europe. Agata (Julia Kijowska) performs the duties expected of her as a wife but her relationship to husband Jacek (Lukasz Simla) has deteriorated because she has developed a fixation on her priest. This obsession is one-sided but Agata fans the flames of her desire, oblivious to the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, schoolteacher Renata (Dorota Kolak) retires after years of loyal service in the classroom and she retreats to the home she shares with a cage of birds. Without students to distract her, Renata nurtures an infatuation with her neighbour Marzena (Marta Nieradkiewicz), who is separated from her husband. Nearby, Marzena's sister Iza (Magdalena Cielecka), a school headmistress, is enjoying a secret affair with a married doctor called Karol (Andrzej Chyra). When his wife dies unexpectedly, he suddenly loses interest in Iza and she resorts to desperate measures to regain his attention.