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My Feral Heart

Luke (Steven Brandon) is a thirty-something with Down's Syndrome, who cares for his elderly mother (Eileen Pollock) in the house they share. It's a relationship of mutual trust and respect, and Luke essentially runs the household on his own. When his mother passes away in her sleep, Luke is unceremoniously transplanted to a care home, where the staff treat him like an invalid. Initially, he's frustrated and angry by his new surroundings but Luke gradually warms to one of the staff, Eve (Shana Swash). He also forges a touching friendship with a labourer called Pete (Will Rastall), who is repairing the home's greenhouse as part of his community service. In this new rural setting, Luke stumbles upon an unconscious young woman (Pixie Le Knot) and he decides to secretly nurse her back to health using supplies stolen from the home.