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Based on an extraordinary true story, Starfish is a moving drama about a family who are unexpectedly thrown into turmoil when the spectre of debilitating illness touches their lives. Doting father and children's book author Tom Ray (Tom Riley) stays at home to take care of his daughter Grace (Ellie Copping) and keep a close eye on his pregnant wife, Nicola (Joanne Froggatt). Without warning, Tom experiences violent stomach pains and by the time he is rushed into hospital, he is struck down by an extreme and rare case of the life-threatening blood disease septicaemia. Faced with the possibility of losing her husband, Nicola gives surgeons permission to do everything they can to save Tom and medics remove his legs, lower arms and part of his face to halt the disease's relentless march. The long and painful road to self-acceptance and rehabilitation begins, but the Rays don't have sufficient funds for prosthetic limbs so they begin fundraising to help Tom make small steps towards reconnecting with his loved ones after his harrowing ordeal.