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Ethel & Ernest

Based on the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs about his parents, Ethel & Ernest is a heart-warming animated drama directed by Roger Mainwood, which documents the shared life of two ordinary people, who first meet in 1928. Ethel (voiced by Brenda Blethyn) is working as a maid and Ernest (Jim Broadbent) cycles past the house and is smitten. He brings flowers to ask her out to the cinema and their romance quickly leads to marriage and the purchase of a two-bedroom terraced house in South London. Ernest earns his crust as a milkman while Ethel stays at home to raise their son Raymond (Luke Treadaway). Through the eyes of these characters, the landscape of British culture ebbs and flows including the fighting spirit of the nation during the Second World War and the founding of the National Health Service. Ethel and Ernest's love endures over the decades and into the early 1970s when the story reaches its inevitable, yet tear-stained, conclusion.