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Burn Burn Burn

Dan (Jack Farthing) embraces life with gusto and he is the guiding light for his close-knit circle of friends. When he is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, Dan chooses to hide the truth from his nearest and dearest to spare them the pain of watching him suffer. At Dan's funeral, two of his best friends - working actress and nanny Seph (Laura Carmichael) and advertising copywriter Alex (Chloe Pirrie) - are stunned to be given a USB flash drive which contains a recording of his dying wish: for his ashes to be scattered at four locations that have a profound personal meaning to him. Dan tells the girls they must travel to each location before playing a video that explains its relevance. Abandoning their positions and Seph's boyfriend James (Joe Dempsie), the pals hits the road and criss-cross the UK as they follow Dan's instructions. En route, they learn secrets about each other's pasts and meet colourful characters such as a hitchhiker (Alison Steadman) with a troubled family life, an officious tour guide (Alice Lowe) and a spiritualist (Julian Rhind-Tutt), who likes to philosophise with his disciples.