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Phantom Boy

A terribly sick boy uses his special powers to solve crime on the streets of New York in this charming animated feature co-directed by Jean-Lop Felicioli and Alain Gagnol. Leo (voiced by Marcus Tangelo) is admitted to hospital with a serious illness that means he spends long hours in his bed, dreaming of the world outside. The youngster discovers that at night, he has the ability to leave his failing body and float around the city, secretly observing the denizens of New York. Leo has always dreamt of becoming a cop and is delighted to meet a real life police lieutenant, Alex (Edouard Baer), who is in a wheelchair at the hospital. The boy offers to use his ability to help Alex defeat a shadowy arch villain, The Man With The Broken Face (Jean-Pierre Marielle). A plucky journalist called Mary Delaney (Audrey Tautou) joins Alex and Leo on this noble quest for justice and the trio pool their resources to undermine the criminal underworld and prevent The Man With The Broken Face from distributing a deadly computer virus that will bring the city to its knees.