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The Blue Room (La chambre bleue)

Based on the novel by Georges Simenon, The Blue Room is an erotically charged thriller directed by leading man Mathieu Almaric. Julien Gahyde (Almaric) is trapped in an unedifying marriage with his wife Delphine (Lea Drucker), which inflames his self-loathing. He seeks solace in the arms of a mistress, Esther Despierre (Stephanie Cleau), who is also married, knowing deep down that they can never be together. When Esther's husband meets a grisly fate and the finger of suspicion points squarely at Julien, the adulterous husband faces a barrage of questions from a police officer (Serge Bozon), a psychologist (Blutch) and a judge (Laurent Poitrenaux) in an effort to expose the shocking truth.