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Little Men

A financial disagreement threatens to undermine the burgeoning friendship of two 13-year-old boys in writer-director Ira Sachs's delicately observed coming-of-age drama. When his father dies, resting actor Brian Jardine (Greg Kinnear) transplants his physiotherapist wife Kathy (Jennifer Ehle) and their introverted teenage son Jake (Theo Taplitz) into the top floor of a Brooklyn apartment block that he has just inherited. The bottom floor is rented by Leonor Calvelli (Paulina Garcia), who runs a dress shop, and also has a teenage son, Tony (Michael Barbieri). The two boys forge a touching friendship and Tony helps to bring Jake out of his shell by encouraging him to pursue his dream of painting at a local arts college. As the bond between Jake and Tony deepens, Brian discovers that his father has been charging Leonor insufficient rent for her ground floor space. He proposes a significant increase, which Leonor would not be able to meet. Eventually, Brian reaches a crossroads where he must decide if he should formally evict Leonor and her son.