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Two Women

Adapted from Ivan Turgenev's play A Month In The Country, Two Women stars Ralph Fiennes opposite a largely East European cast in a Russian-language drama about a love triangle, that threatens to tear apart more than one relationship. Natalya (Anna Astrakhantseva) is the middle-aged wife of landowner Arkady (Aleksandr Baluev) and a devoted mother to their young son, Kolya. The lady of the house fears that her beauty and ability to attract a man are waning so she casually toys with the affections of a family friend called Mikhail (Fiennes). Natalya is also the guardian of her adopted daughter, Vera (Anna Levanova), a blooming rose, whose beauty and innocence are a source of jealousy for the matriarch. When Vera shows favour to Kolya's tutor Alexei (Nikita Volkov), and Natalya follows suit, the subsequent battle of womanly wits and sly deceptions creates deep divisions in the household and the surrounding community.