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Set the Thames on Fire

Ben Charles Edwards' visually arresting dystopian fantasy centres on a gay piano player called Art (Michael Winder) and a sailor called Sal (Max Bennett), who are at the mercy of the despot Impresario (Gerard McDermott) in a mouldering, futuristic London. The pals' sex-crazed landlady (Sadie Frost) demands carnal favours in exchange for the rent and Sal wearily obliges, hoping that one day they can escape the capital's gloom for the sun-baked splendour of Egypt. The friends' subsequent quest for salvation takes them deep into the sleazy underbelly of the city, where they have memorable encounters with a kooky fortune-teller called Colette (Sally Phillips), who divines the meaning of Tarot cards aided by her crayfish, and a cross-dressing dandy called Dickie (Noel Fielding).