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El Sur (The South)

A rerelease of Victor Erice's 1983 drama based on the short novel by Adelaida Garcia Morales, which is missing a second half because the film's producer famously halted production, believing the opening 90 minutes were sufficient. In the immediate aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, an eight-year-old girl called Estrella (Sonsoles Aranguren) lives in the north of the country with her father Agustin (Omero Antonutti), the local doctor, and her mother Julia (Lola Cardona). Estrella believes that the family fled the south after Agustin had a roaring argument with his father, which created an unbridgeable divide in the family. Several years later as a teenage, Estrella (now played by Iciar Bollain) learns divination from her father and also stumbles upon a long buried family secret that could destroy her parents' marriage.