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The Clan (El clan)

Argentinian filmmaker Pablo Trapero won the coveted Best Director prize at the 2015 Venice Film Festival for this incendiary biographical drama about the rise of the Puccio family in 1980s Buenos Aires. Arquimedes Puccio (Guillermo Francella) is the head of the middle class household, which includes his wife Epifania (Lili Popovich), sportsman son Alejandro (Peter Lanzani) and schoolteacher daughter Silvia (Giselle Motta). Following the Falkland War, Arquimedes loses his job and he must quickly concoct a plan to secure the family's financial future. He contemplates a fool proof get-rich-quick scheme: to kidnap people from wealthy families and hold them hostage for ransom. Alejandro agrees to help his father in this shady endeavour and he selects his friend Ricardo Manoukian as their first target. The kidnapping does not go entirely as planned and the Puccios have blood on their hands. However, there is no turning back for Arquimedes and Alejandro, who vows to enrol estranged younger sibling Maguila (Gaston Cocchiarale) in the family business.