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Baar Baar Dekho

Nitya Mehra, who worked as an assistant director on the Oscar-winning drama Life Of Pi, makes her directorial debut with this high-concept Bollywood romantic comedy with a twist... in time. Jai Varma (Sidharth Malhotra) is one week away from marrying his sweetheart Dia (Katrina Kaif) and he is experiencing a severe case of nerves. His friends' marriages have all fallen apart and Jai is concerned that his relationship will suffer a similar fate, especially with the pressures he has to bear at work. One morning, Jai wakes to find himself on his honeymoon with no recollection of his wedding day. It transpires that Jai has embarked on a miraculous journey through time, glimpsing key moments in his married life before they actually happen. The experience is extremely bittersweet and Jai learns a valuable lesson about cherishing every moment of happiness.