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Jim: The James Foley Story

James Foley was an American photojournalist and video reporter, who was embedded with US troops in Iraq and covered the uprising against Gaddafi in Libya. On November 22, 2012, Foley was kidnapped and he was missing until August 19, 2014, when the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) uploaded a video of his beheading at the hands of "Jihadi John". The public execution sent shockwaves around the world. Documentary filmmaker Brian Oakes, who was a close childhood friend of Foley, pays tribute to the photojournalist by interviewing friends and family as well as fellow hostages, who reveal never-before-heard details of life in captivity. This harrowing portrait of America's war with ISIS is set to a soundtrack which includes the original song The Empty Chair written by Oscar nominated artists Sting and J Ralph.