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Spanish director Pedro Almodovar returns to form with a bittersweet portrait of motherhood, which explores some of the secrets and lies that bind families, but also have the potential to tear loved ones apart. Based on short stories penned by Alice Munro, Julieta centres on the titular teacher (Adriana Ugarte), who meets a handsome fisherman called Xoan (Daniel Grao) on a train. Their sexual chemistry is molten and Julieta accompanies Xoan to his home by the sea where they raise a spirited daughter called Antia (Priscilla Delgado) with the help of their maid, Marian (Rossy de Palma). Shortly after the girl leaves for summer camp, Julieta and Xoan get into a blazing row about his close relationship with an artist friend called Ava (Inma Cuesta). Later that same day, Xoan perishes at sea during a storm and Julieta is consumed by guilt. Her inner turmoil poisons her relationship with Antia, who vanishes without trace. Many years later, Julieta (now played by Emma Suarez) discovers by chance the whereabouts of her now adult daughter and resolves to atone for the sins of the past.