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Based loosely on a novel by Witold Gombrowicz, Cosmos is a surreal drama directed by cult Polish filmmaker Andrzej Zulawski, who died earlier this year. Addled student Witold (Jonathan Genet) and best friend Fuchs (Johan Libereau) seek solitude in a secluded inn in the countryside run by the imperious Madame Woytis (Sabine Azema). Witold hopes he will be able to finish his manuscript in this remote idyll, feverishly typing his masterpiece as the words tumble out of him. Instead, the two friends are distracted by the inn's eccentric staff and fellow guests, including Madame Woytis' alluring daughter Lena (Victoria Guerra), self-conscious maid Catherette (Clementine Pons), who has a cleft lip, and Woytis' lover Leon (Jean-Francois Balmer). Tensions build within the four walls of the inn and Witold and Fuchs struggle to maintain composure.