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The Childhood of a Leader

American actor Brady Corbet makes an assured feature directorial debut with this dark and brooding portrait of nascent evil. At the end of the First World War, an American family settles uneasily into the French countryside. While father (Liam Cunningham) is heavily involved in the peace negotiations around the Treaty of Versailles, mother (Berenice Bejo) struggles to maintain control of the household, which is ruled by their monstrous young son Prescott (Tom Sweet). The boy's tantrums give the parents sleepless nights and lead to confrontations between Prescott and his various carers. A young man named Charles (Robert Pattinson) pays occasional visits to the family's home, but even his calming presence cannot quell little Prescott's destructive rage that boils over with devastating consequences at the very moment his father's efforts to broke lasting peace hang in the balance.