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A lovable dachshund provides the narrative link between chapters of the latest dark comedy drama by Todd Solondz, writer-director of Welcome To The Dollhouse and Happiness. A little boy called Remi (Keaton Nigel Cooke) bravely battles cancer and as a reward, his father Danny (Tracy Letts) brings home a dog as a companion, despite protestations from his wife Dina (Julie Delpy). House-training the animal takes a toll on the family and a hen-pecked Danny takes the tough decision to remove the animal, christened Wiener-Dog, from their home. The pooch ends up in the care of a veterinary nurse called Dawn (Greta Gerwig), who decides to take Wiener-Dog on a road trip to Ohio in the company of old friend Brandon (Kieran Culkin), who is visiting his brother Tommy (Connor Long) and his wife April (Bridget Brown). Next, Wiener-Dog becomes a companion to pessimistic college professor Dave Schmerz (Danny DeVito), whose efforts to secure funding for his second screenplay come to nought. Taunted by his students, who are fed up of his negativity, Dave takes revenge on the entire campus using Wiener-Dog. Finally, the dachshund enjoys the company of Nana (Ellen Burstyn), who lives with her caregiver Yvette (Marcella Lowery) in relative comfort. A visit from money-grabbing granddaughter Zoe (Zosia Mamet) has tragic repercussions for one member of the household.