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Valley of Love

Two of French cinema's mercurial acting talents - Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert - headline Guillaume Nicloux's French drama about a divorced couple, who are reunited in grief. Gerard (Depardieu) and Isabelle (Huppert) are both actors, whose relationship disintegrated some time ago. Their beloved son Michael was caught in the middle of this emotional meltdown and he has recently taken his life, partly blaming his parents for the depression which ultimately consumed him. From beyond the grave, Michael sends separate messages to his mother and father, commanding them to visit specific locations in the Death Valley in eastern California, with the promise that he will appear to them on this sun-baked odyssey. Gerard and Isabelle follow their late son's wishes and they trek through the desert, raking over the smouldering embers of their romance as they contemplate their share of guilt for Michael's shocking actions.