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ID2: Shadwell Army

Filmed on location in Hull, Joel Novoa's gritty sequel to the 1995 film I.D. centres on a Muslim detective, who goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of hooligans and expose violence on and off the terraces. DC Mohammed Anwari (Simon Rivers) is a young and ambitious officer, who is determined to rise through the ranks as quickly as possible. He accepts a covert mission to ingratiate himself to the firm of hard men who support Shadwell Town football club. Over time, Mohammed gains the trust of top dog Vinnie (Linus Roache) and sparks an attraction to Vinnie's wife Lynne. Meanwhile, racial tensions within the community are inflamed when the council reveals plans to build a new mosque in the shadow of Shadwell Town's ground. Mohammed is caught in the crossfire as he becomes a poster boy for the hooligans in the ensuing turf war.