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Up for Love

Size matters (but shouldn't) in Laurent Tirard's French romantic comedy, which is a breezy remake of the 2014 Argentinian film Corazon De Leon. Diane (Virginie Efira) is a successful lawyer, whose marriage to her husband Bruno (Cedric Kahn) has recently fallen apart. He is still a partner in her legal practice, so the couple remains professionally and personally civil. One day, Diane loses her mobile 'phone and she receives a call from a charming architect called Alexandre (Jean Dujardin) to let her know that he has found the handheld device and would like to return it to her. He suggests they meet for lunch for the handover and she gratefully accepts. When Alexandre arrives for the rendezvous, Diane is taken aback to discover that he stands tall and proud at 4 feet 5 inches. His lust for life and good humour quickly win her over and they agree to extend the date, which includes a surprise sky-dive. Although she is falling under Alexandre's spell, Diane worries about how other people will view the architect given his diminutive stature. When her mother (Manoelle Gaillard) ridicules the mismatch, Diane begins to question the suitability of Alexandre as her new beau.