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The Carer

Hungarian immigrant Dorottya (Coco Konig) yearns to pursue a career in acting, so she seizes the opportunity to learn from one of the greats by filling the position of carer to irascible theatrical legend Sir Michael Gifford (Brian Cox). He has verbally abused and mistreated all of his former carers and Sir Michael's strong-willed daughter Sophia (Emilia Fox) is at her wit's end trying to fill the position. So Dorottya is a blessing. At first, Sir Michael bullies Dorottya like his previous carers and she weathers the storm, hoping that he will become her mentor. When the patient learns that he shares a passion for Shakespeare with Dorottya, his demeanour mellows and the seeds of a tender friendship begin to blossom. Unexpectedly, Sir Michael is offered a Lifetime Achievement Award and Dorottya convinces him to accept the coveted plaudit in person with a rousing speech. His daughter Sophia and housekeeper Milly (Anna Chancellor) are convinced that Sir Michael will humiliate himself at the podium and they join forces to remove Dorottya from the household so they can exert tighter control over the cantankerous old coot.