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The Intent

Femi Oyeniran and Kalvadour Peterson co-direct this gritty, low-budget drama set on the streets of London, where crime and gang violence are par for the course. D'Angel (Shone Romulus), Gunz (Dylan Duffus), Hoodz (Scorcher) and Mitch (Femi Oyeniran) are small time criminals, collectively known on their South London estate as TIC (Thieves In the Community). Dealing drugs fails to bring in the cash they need so the friends turn to armed robbery. Their first hold-up at a local corner shop results in the death of the shopkeeper and Mitch walks away from the gang in disgust at the senseless loss of life. D'Angel, Gunz and Hoodz continue with their larcenous exploits and target a number of establishments run by local hoodlum Big John (Fredi 'Kruga' Nwaka). He enlists the services of a rival crew to track down the thieves and dole out suitable punishment.