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The Commune (Kollektivet)

Free love comes at a price in Thomas Vinterberg's 1970s-set Danish drama. Anna (Trine Dyrholm) is a television news presenter, who shares her home in Copenhagen with her husband Erik (Ulrich Thomsen), a university lecturer, and their 14-year-old daughter Freja (Martha Sofie Wallstrom Hansen). Unexpectedly, Erik inherits his family's sprawling home and Anna poses the idea of turning the house into a commune where the family and various acquaintances can live in harmony. With pressure from young Freja, Erik agrees and the couple welcomes a menagerie of colourful characters into their new abode, where every decision is made by a group vote. At first, communal living is everything that Anna dreamt it might be, but fractures gradually appear in her marriage, exacerbated by Erik's relationship with a female student called Emma (Helene Reingaard Neumann). Weighed down by distrust and anger, Anna starts to feel like an outcast in her own home.