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Forbidden love blossoms against the backdrop of social unrest in 1970s Paris in Catherine Corsini's sensual drama. Delphine (Izia Higelin) is a country girl, who works night and day on a farm in the Limousin region owned by her parents, Maurice (Jean-Henri Compere) and Monique (Noemie Lvovsky). She decides to broaden her horizons in the French capital, where she is unexpectedly swept up in feminist protests organised by city girl Carole (Cecile de France) and her metropolitan chums. A palpable spark of attraction between Delphine and Carole sends the latter woman's world into a tailspin because she has a live-in boyfriend. When Delphine's father suffers a stroke and she is called back to the countryside to take charge of the farm, Carole must decide where her heart and loyalties reside.