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Men & Chicken (Maend & Hons)

The thin line separating man from beast is blurred in Ander Thomas Jensen's offbeat Danish comedy. University professor Gabriel (David Dencik) and his brother Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) learn that they were adopted and they resolve to track down their biological father, Evelio, who is based on the Island of Ork. In this remote community, Gabriel and Elias are stunned to discover that their father has passed away and they have three half-brothers called Franz (Soren Malling), Gregor (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and Josef (Nicolas Bro). Gabriel struggles to acclimatise to the strange rituals of the islanders under the leadership of Mayor Flemming (Ole Thestrup) while Elias sets into the gentle ebb and flow of existence on Ork. In the process, Elias uncovers a shocking secret about Evelio's work with stem cell research and his lineage.