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Les cowboys

The year is 1995 and Alain Balland (Francois Damiens) is devoted to his 16-year-old daughter Kelly (Iliana Zabeth). Alain shares a dance with his daughter at a cowboy fair, also attended by his wife Nicole (Agathe Dronne) and younger son, Kid (Finnegan Oldfield). The next day, Kelly vanishes without trace. At first, Alain is convinced that Kelly has been kidnapped and local police draw a blank. It transpires that Kelly has run away with her Muslim boyfriend, Ahmed (Mounir Marghoum), to convert to Islam and reject the capitalist life she was born into. Alain refuses to accept her decision and embarks on a tireless crusade to bring his daughter to her senses. Following the September 11 attacks in 2001 in New York, Kid joins his father in the search for the missing girl, even if that means criss-crossing the globe to reunite the fractured family.