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Ma ma

Writer-director Julio Medem contemplates the impact of a cancer diagnosis on a doting mother in this heartstring-tugging drama anchored by a luminous central performance from Penelope Cruz. Shortly after her academic husband Raul (Alex Brendemuhl) leaves the family home because of an affair with a student, Magda (Cruz) learns from her gynaecologist Julian (Asier Etxeandia) that a lump in her breast is cancerous and she will need a mastectomy as well as a course of aggressive chemotherapy. Magda keeps secret this shocking news from her young son Dani (Teo Planell), a talented football player who has caught the eye of a talent scout called Arturo (Luis Tosar). In order to protect Dani from the battle ahead, Magda encourages her son to spend the summer holidays with relatives by the sea so she can concentrate on her health and the chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Arturo is devastated when his wife is left in a coma from a car accident and Magda becomes his emotional support system as he prepares for the possibility that his wife may never regain consciousness.