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Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)

Punctuated by scenes of full-frontal nudity, Bang Gang is a dramatisation of a supposedly true story of libidinous excess between hormone-fuelled adolescents during one long hot summer in France. Sexually adventurous teenager George (Marilyn Lima) and her virginal best friend Laetitia (Daisy Broom) are hungry for excitement to distract from their studies. They head to the house of classmate Alex (Finnegan Oldfield), who has been left home alone for the summer by his mother in a rambling mansion. Alex seduces George while Laetitia and another classmate Nikita (Fred Hotier) observe the fornication. This proves to be the first of a series of increasingly debauched and boozy house parties - christened bang gangs - where teenagers play spin the bottle and agree to perform sexual favours on camera for the titillation of the rest of the school. The carefree merry-go-round of carnal desire has dire repercussions and the students face the embarrassment of having to confess their sins to their parents.