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Based on the play by Freddie Machin, Chicken is a low budget British drama, which marks the feature director debut of Joe A Stephenson. Fifteen-year-old Richard (Scott Chambers) has learning difficulties and lives with his restless brother Polly (Morgan Watkins) in a ramshackle caravan, which draws electricity from the nearby property. When a new landowner, McClint (Michael Culkin), moves in and cuts the power to the caravan, the siblings are faced with stark decisions. While Polly befriends the owners of a seedy travelling fair, Richard is inextricably drawn to McClint's pretty 17-year-old daughter, Annabel (Yasmin Paige). Besotted with Annabel yet hopelessly devoted to Polly, Richard's loyalties are torn and as family secrets are exhumed, the teenager must decide between friendship and family.