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Cabin Fever

Less than 15 years since the original, director Eli Roth produces this redundant remake of his bloodthirsty horror about a group of college students who are sure of a big surprise when they head into the woods for a vacation. Travis Z sits in the director's chair for this version, which uses a cut-down version of Roth's original script. Five friends, Jeff (Matthew Daddario), Marcy (Nadine Crocker), Paul (Samuel Davis), Karen (Gage Golightly) and Burt (Dustin Ingram) head to a remote cabin for the weekend and clash with hostile locals en route. When they finally arrive at the cabin, Jeff and Marcy head for their room to have sex, while Paul and Karen go swimming. Burt takes his trusty rifle and heads into the woods to pretend he is playing one of his violent videogames. He accidentally shoots a local man, Henry (Randy Schulman), who is infected with a flesh-eating virus. Henry turns up at the cabin some time later and a blood-spattered fight ensues. One of the students unwittingly drinks water which has become contaminated with the virus. The remaining out-of-towners become embroiled in a fight for their lives against the deadly contagion and other infected denizens of the woods.