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Arabian Nights Volume 3: The Enchanted One

Portuguese director Miguel Gomes' concludes his audacious and visually stunning trilogy, which employs the storytelling tradition of One Thousand And One Nights, with one final critique of the effects of global austerity on his country. Scheherazade (Crista Alfaiate) yearns to escape the clutches of her murderous husband, the sultan, but she and her father the vizier seem powerless to alter the course of her fate. She embarks on a quest for self-enlightenment and meets a series of interesting characters including the handsome Paddleman (Carloto Cotta). Unfortunately, Scheherazade cannot run away from her responsibilities and she returns to the sultan to spins him a final fantastical tale - The Inebriating Chorus Of The Chaffinches - which refers to the birds, whose song raised the spirits of Portuguese soldiers in the trenches of the First World War.