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Golden Years

An elderly couple turns to a life of crime to overcome a pension deficit in writer-director John Miller's comedy drama. Arthur Goode (Bernard Hill) and his wife Martha (Virginia McKenna) are a retired couple, whose pension pot has been decimated by the financial crisis. Refusing to fade away in their twilight years, the Goodes hatch a hare-brained plan to steal back their pensions from a series of banks, using the unlikely getaway car of a sensible Volvo towing a caravan. Their scheme goes surprisingly well, but when their beloved social club is threatened with closure to make way for a supermarket, Arthur and Martha realise they must stage a heist at the biggest bank of all with a little help from their friends Shirley (Una Stubbs), Royston (Simon Callow) and Brian (Phil Davies). Meanwhile, a veteran copper called Sid (Alun Armstrong) and ambitious DC Stringer (Brad Moore) are on the trail of the unlikely outlaws.