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Time Out of Mind

Richard Gere tackles timely issues of homelessness and addiction in this thoughtful independent drama, directed by Oren Moverman. George Hammond (Gere) is one of the forgotten inhabitants of New York, who roam the streets of Manhattan, searching for scraps of compassion in a world that averts its eyes from the homeless and desolate. He rides the subway to stay warm and lingers as long as he dare on park benches. Occasionally George pops into one neighbourhood laundromat to rebuild bridges with his estranged daughter Maggie (Jena Malone) but she repeatedly rebuffs his advances. Unperturbed, George persists with his mission to heal old wounds, seeking temporary refuge in one of the city's overcrowded shelters, where he faces a barrage of painful questions about his personal history to secure food and a bunk for the night.