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Christopher Plummer delivers a compelling lead performance in Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan's Hitchcockian thriller. Zev Gutman (Plummer) is a resident in a nursing home, who is loosening his tenuous grasp on memories of the past. He wakes most mornings calling out his wife's name, believing that she is alive. Zev's most devoted friend is fellow resident Max Rosenbaum (Martin Landau), who knows that Zev is destined to undertake a secret mission in his twilight years: to exact brutal retribution on the man who murdered his family 70 years ago. However, Zev's fragile mental state is serious cause for concern, so Max writes down a list of instructions for his friend to carry out his revenge mission. Having escaped from the nursing home, Zev begins his arduous yet vital trek across America and Canada, visiting numerous close-knit communities in search of the elusive Rudy Kurlander.